Our Customers

“There is extraordinary chemistry that exists in long-term relationships.”

Media Concept covers a wide range of industries, as can be seen from the list below. 

For more than 20 years of service in Pakistan, we have served a number of customers, which requires our professional service in work at height. We are honored to serve, and provide the best of what we do in fulfilling the need, while emphasizing on professionalism and safety.

Check out our list of customers here, and you might be added here as well.

Textile Industries

  1. Abdur Rahman Corporation.
  2. Arshad Corporation.
  3. Arzoo Textile.
  4. Best Exports.
  5. Bismillah Fabrics.
  6. Bismillah Textile.
  7. Faisal Fabrics.
  8. Gohar Textile.
  9. Interloop.
  10. Latif International.
  11. MAS Textile.
  12. Masood Textile Mills.
  13. MK Sons Textile.
  14. msc Textile.
  15. Niagra Mills.
  16. Sarena Industries.
  17. Sitara Group of Industries.

Hotels and resorts

  1. Arcadian Hotels and Resorts.
  2. Cedarwood Hotel and Resorts.
  3. Elites Hotels Nathiagali.
  4. Galiyat Development Authority.
  5. Hotel Faran Murree.
  6. Mahgul Resorts Changlagali.
  7. Maisonette Hotel and Resort.
  8. Pakistan Tourism Development.
  9. Pine Park Hotels and Resort.
  10. Serena Hotels Pakistan.

Other Industries

  1. Honda Atlas Pakistan.
  2. Malik Sports Sialkot.
  3. Sandal Dyestuff Industries.
  4. Talon Sports Sialkot.
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