Passionate Photography

Cultural, Landscape and Heritage

Business without passion is nothing

Making worthwhile cultural photographs is often not as simple as simply clicking the shutter, however, It requires an element of curiosity to see what is significant in the world around us as well as, an element of discipline to document it photographically. This requires a thoughtful selection of what is to be photographed.

Abbrar Cheema C.EO of Media Concept has a passion for promoting the culture, heritage and landscape of Pakistan through his photography.

Cultural Photography

Pakistan is home to a large number of ethnicities and cultural groups, which makes for an interesting and diverse national culture. The country’s culture has been established over thousands of years, with many civilizations inhabiting the region helping to influence everything from cuisine and music to literature and art.

Landscape Photography

Pakistan is known for its beautiful Northern areas. These areas are called a paradise. Pakistan has some of the world’s  beautiful places in its Northern areas having , fairy meadows, turbulent rivers and snowy mountains. 

Heritage Photography

The architecture in Pakistan speaks loudly about the country’s history and its cultural roots. Many ancient sites point to pre-Islamic heritage and the influence of such faiths as Hinduism and Buddhism. Much of the contemporary architecture in many of the larger cities points directly to the long and powerful reign of the Islamic empire in the region.

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